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Yumeka, Sumomo

Yumeka, Sumomo

Female Zodiac: Taurus Blood type: A Yumeka, Sumomo is the pen name used for her predominantly shounen-ai works. (January 2006 - present). Published in the magazines Craft (Taiyo Tosho), Asuka (Kadokawa Shoten), and Rooster (Shobunka). She also served as chief illustrator of Shosetsu Eclipse (Ohta Shuppan), Shosetsu Chara (Tokuma Shoten), and Shosetsu b-Boy (Biblos). First known to most fans as Sasshi (さっし) (of circle Chikyuu-ya [地球弥]). Pen name used for her doujinshi. (March 2002 - present). Doujinshi include those based on Gundam W, One Piece, and Naruto. Also known as Sahara, Mizu (佐原 ミズ ). Pen name used for her predominantly seinen works. (January 2006 - present.). Published in the magazines Afternoon(Kodansha), Melody(Shueisha), and Comic Bunch(Shinchosha). Also known as Sahara, Keita (佐原 恵太). Pen name for her shoujo works. (January 2006 - present). Publishing works in the Kodansha magazines Dessert, The Dessert, and Dessert Special. In her epilogues, she often describes herself as not satisfied with what she has done but is grateful to the people she works with. She is rumored to be a layout artist for Studio Ghibli. (Source: Aurora)

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