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Baek, Hye-Kyung

Baek, Hye-Kyung

Zodiac: Aries Female Also spelled: Baek, Hye-Kyoung (HyeKyoung; Hye Kyoung). Also: Baek, Hae Kyung (Hae-Kyung; HaeKyung) Also: Baek, HyeKyung (Hye Kyung). Also once misspelled as Beak, Hye-Kyoung. Also wrote Pastel Green Spell and Spring Spring . Some quotes: "If they're my type and we've got the same philosophy and they're youthful, pretty young men, I'm willing to sell my soul to get them... snicker." She gets ideas from "goofing around". As a manwha artist, she is most "happy when people enjoy my work, and I'm saddest when what I'm doing seems empty and pointless". Favorite manwha/manga artist or author: "I have a lot but my favorite is Urasawa Naoki." From Ice Kunion edition of Bring it on!, Volume 3.

2019-12-09 02:40:15 From: myanimelist

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