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Kibayashi, ShinSatou, Fumiya

Kibayashi, ShinSatou, Fumiya

Birthplace: Tokyo Blood type: O Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Musashi Senior High School and Waseda University School of Economics & Political Science. Received the 2003 Kodansha Manga Award for Shounen (Kunimitsu no Matsuri). Pennames: - Agi Tadashi (亜樹 直) - shared with his sister - Andou Yuuma (安童 夕馬) - Aoki Yuuya (青樹 佑夜) - Arimori Jyoji (有森 丈時) - Igano Hiroaki (伊賀 大晃) - Kibayashi - Ryuumon Ryou (龍門諒) - S.K. - Seimaru Amagi (天樹 征丸) Twitter: @agitadashi

2019-12-09 02:40:21 From: myanimelist

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