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Belenus first appears in chapter 5. Belenus is a nobleman. Bound by his class, he was married to a woman of equal station. Watched by society, he was obliged to live this way, admitting that he was not in love with her. His house servant, Asaka, was the center of his affections, although circumstances would not permit him to either confess this or act on his feelings. Belenus' wife, made cruel by jealousy and deluded that her husband and Asaka were having an affair, made a blood pact with Lady Balaza, wishing Belenus and Asaka dead. The wife died from apparent blood loss, and the next night a vampire came to collect on the pact. By the time Belenus reached Asaka's room, the vampire had already taken her life. Before he could also kill Belenus, Lenneth Valkyrie appeared. Distracted by the duel, the vampire was wounded by Belenus. The vampire retreated, swearing revenge. Belenus begged Lenneth to help Asaka, and the scene stirs Lenneth's memory of her own mortal death. This causes Lenneth to offer Belenus the option of Soul Transfer. Belenus agrees to take Asaka's place, somewhat glad that he could finally do something for Asaka. He promises to wait until the end of Ragnarok to be with Asaka again. It is assumed that Belenus is promptly sent to Asgard because we do not see him again until chapter 11 when Loki confronts Frei. Frei directs Belenus and Lawfer to attack Loki, and the two fight Fenrir, the Ice Wolf. Before they can gain victory, Loki easily kills them. It must be assumed that when Lenneth undoes Loki's destruction and renews Asgard and Midgard with her powers of Creation, Belenus is also revived. Belenus originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

2019-12-09 02:40:23 From: myanimelist

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