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Tamura, Yumi

Tamura, Yumi

Tamura is an avid RPG videogamer - Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc. She also loves to read mystery books, and going on the computer to chat with her fans. She illustrated the Sci-Fi chapter of the Squaresoft RPG Live-A-Live. Picture taken by Matt Thorn Matt's Shoujo Manga Photo Album : TAMURA Yumi, creator of the extremely popular fantasy series, BASARA, taken in December, '95, at the year-end party of Bessatsu Shôjo Comic, a popular shôjo manga magazine. Well, I never got a chance to actually talk to Tamura...I just sat at the table next to hers and shamelessly took pictures of her. ^^;;; Incidentally, she is drawing an autograph for a rookie manga artist (still in high school!) who is also under the Bessatsu Shôjo Comic umbrella.

2019-12-09 02:42:46 From: myanimelist

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