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Sakura, Tasuke

Sakura, Tasuke

Nene is a third year High School student at Towano High School. She works part time at a family restaurant called "Dixies". She is also a cheerful, optimistic and a somewhat air-head type. However Nene is quite an intelligent person. Nene is mostly interested in guys who are really reliable. Since Nene is known to be reliable herself, Nene feels lonely and wishes to find someone who she can rely on. Nene's favorite animal is raccoons. Nene also loves horror movies and anything horror related. She is the type of person who has an organized schedule, she wakes up early and usually sleeps early. Nene plays the flute and loves cute animals. At times Nene places her hair behind her ears, exposing her ears. This is a common behavior for Nene. She sometimes does this when she is either thinking, or when she is doing something and her hair seems to get in the way. Nene is also paranoid of her looks and often asks her boyfriend for his opinions. Even though Nene is in the third year, and is a year older than the protagonist. When it comes to height, she is about 2 feet shorter. Her original hairstyle is a short haircut that barely's reaches her shoulders. Amongst the three girls, Nene's chest size is the most distinctive. But her most famous feature that everyone can easily notice is her mole under her right eye. Nene also has purple eyes. But some artists tend to draw her with brown eyes.

2019-12-09 02:42:59 From: myanimelist

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