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Kobayashi, Motofumi

Kobayashi, Motofumi

Birth place: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan Motofumi Kobayashi is a graduate of Kawasaki City High School for Science and Technology. As a youth, he was inspired by historical painting illustrator Ritta Nakanishi to become an artist. Kobayashi asked to become an apprentice to Nakanishi, but the latter refused. Despite this, Nakanishi allowed Kobayashi to observe his work at any time. Kobayashi made his artist debut in 1975 as an illustrator alongside Nakanishi for the book Souretsu! Deutsch Kikou Gundan. He worked as a salaryman before quitting to become a professional manga artist after his illustrations gained popularity in Hobby Japan magazine. Twitter: @sakamachi21KN

2019-12-09 02:43:54 From: myanimelist

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