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Hong, Ki-WooHyeon, Jae-KwonPark, Yoon-Sun

Hong, Ki-WooHyeon, Jae-KwonPark, Yoon-Sun

A brief childhood friend to Woo Jin, Tae Min was adopted by Chul-Ki (leader of the gangster group "Old Boy") shortly after he killed his abusive father (it is implied he used his psychic powers to do so). As he grew up with Woo, they both were taught by Chul-Ki how to develop and perfect their psychic powers. Early on, Tae and Woo would earn rewards for using their powers from by stealing jewelry, but later they were ordered to eventually hurt and kill people, and both were promptly tortured if either refused to do so. In one predicament when Woo refused to hurt a person, Tae was blindfolded and bitten by Woo's pet dog. From that point on he was hurt and confused by what Woo allowed his dog to do, and acted hostile towards him. One night, Woo ran away from the shelter of Chul-Ki after an intense argument with Tae, leaving him alone to be raised until adulthood. He still bears intense hatred towards him for his abandoning. As an adult, Tae left Chul-Ki's wing and became a person for hire for the Old Boy gang. He said he wasn't doing it to disrespect or to under-appreciate Chul-Ki's work, but he still views him as client nonetheless.

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