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0 kara Hajimemashou

0 kara Hajimemashou


0からはじめましょう;0 kara Hajimemashou


Author:Toto, Nemigi

Chapters (Episode):0


Toto, Nemigi

Chapters (Episode)



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Azumaya Kotori was a typical teenage girl who went to school, hung out with friends, and had a crush on a boy. Then, one day, she gets hit by a truck and dies, but her spirit still wanders this dimension. It turns out that the boy Kotori had a crush on, Kusakabe Aruto, is spiritually attuned and can see Kotori even though no one else can. Aruto is able to find out that Kotori is not really dead but just in a coma and her soul, her current form, has escaped from her physical body. To return back to normal, she has to find a way to combine herself together again. In the meantime, Kotori ends up staying under the same roof as Aruto and his family who can also see her. Although the circumstances aren’t ideal, Kotori is delighted and nervous about spending intimate time with her crush. (Source: MU)

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Toto, Nemigi


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