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Ai... Shirisomeshi Koro ni...: Manga Michio no Seishun

Ai... Shirisomeshi Koro ni...: Manga Michio no Seishun


Ai... Shirisomeshi Kei ni...;AiShiri;Rocket-kun;Lonely Gun;Kyoufu Tantei-kyoku Dai 1-wa: Mimizuku Ningen;The Hunter;Makete Tamaru ka: Matsudaira Yasutaka;Doreigari;愛…しりそめし頃に… 満賀道雄の青春;Ai... Shirisomeshi Koro ni...: Manga Michio no Seishun


Author:Fujiko, Fujio (A)

Chapters (Episode):109


Fujiko, Fujio (A)

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



This manga follows the residents of Tokiwasou—a beat-down tenant apartment in Tokyo for manga artists. Manga Michio is a 21 year-old aspiring artist who is keeping a journal of his experiences as a starting out artist. When Konotera Yukie comes to stay with her younger brother, Michio is smitten. But Yukie has come to take her brother home and send him back to college—her father thinks that being a manga artist is no way to live. Can Michio convince her that her talented brother should stay? Or will she be the inspiration for his latest character design? The manga gives intriguing insight to the life of a struggling mangaka. (Source: MU) Included one-shots: Volume 1: Rocket-kun Volume 2: Rocket-kun: Uchuusen Bakudan Jiken no Maki Volume 4: Lonely Gun Volume 7-8: Kyoufu Tantei-kyoku Dai 1-wa: Mimizuku Ningen (2 parts) Volume 10: The Hunter Volume 11: Makete Tamaru ka Matsudaira Yasutaka

Creator & Rold Information

Fujiko, Fujio (A)


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