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An Ideal World

An Ideal World


Seek self's world;A World Ideal;Xun Zhao Zi Wo Di Shi Jie;寻找自我的世界;An Ideal World


Author:Chen, WeidongPeng, Chao

Chapters (Episode):0


Chen, WeidongPeng, Chao

Chapters (Episode)



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Time and again, A You finds himself chasing a mysterious rabbit through his dreams. But before he can reach out and grab it…his mother is shaking him awake for another day of work. A You’s not exactly thrilled with his job at the factory, so when a persistent streak of bad luck leaves him unemployed, it seems like a great opportunity to start over. The trouble is, A You doesn’t have anything to move on to. With no goals or aspirations, A You roams the city searching for direction. Deep in thought on one of his strolls, A You suddenly rouses himself only to discover he’s lost in the woods. He catches sight of a rabbit, and in desperation follows it through the forest. But this scene seems familiar... Is it a dream? Or could there truly be an ideal world within the darkness? (Source: Yen Press)

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Chen, WeidongPeng, Chao


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