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Animal X: Aragami no Ichizoku

Animal X: Aragami no Ichizoku


Animal X―荒神の一族;Animal X: Aragami no Ichizoku


Author:Sugimoto, Ami

Chapters (Episode):13


Sugimoto, Ami

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



The first series in the "Animal X" timeline. 27-year-old Ayukawa Yuuji has never been much of a man; he's more comfortable sewing than fighting, he faints at the sight of blood, and his fiancee is tougher than he is. He's also a terrible pushover. So when his boss at the medical lab volunteers him for some experimental drug therapy, how can he possibly refuse? All's mediocre for Yuuji: master of the pathetic. Mediocre, that is, until a juvenile mass murder suspect jumps out from under Yuuji's bed, declaring him his "mate." Before Yuuji has time to argue, the stranger transforms into a 16 foot-tall dinosaur and beheads his roommate... Yuuji suddenly finds himself the sole target of a lost race that turns into dinosaurs, an extremely scary woman with a Goddess-Complex, the yakuza, a mad scientist and one 17 year-old boy who really really really wants to sleep with him. (Source: Doki-Doki)

Creator & Rold Information

Sugimoto, Ami


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