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Aqua Knight

Aqua Knight


Leviathan Saga Aqua Knight;Suichuu Kishi;水中騎士;Aqua Knight


Author:Kishiro, Yukito

Chapters (Episode):28


Kishiro, Yukito

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



On a small island in the vast ocean of Marmundo lives an old man and a little boy, Arrabarus and Ashika. They are the guardians of a lighthouse, which stores a mystical light they call Niselle. One day, the boy rescues a young knight, lady Ruliya, who was swept off course during a storm. Promising her savior anything as thanks, Ruliya immediately regrets it as Ashika wants to become a knight as her. The little boy decides to become her squire, but first his father challenges her to a duel. While they're fighting, Niselle is stolen by the genius Alcantara, who also kidnaps Ashika. In the battle, the lighthouse is destroyed and by some mysterious connection this kills Arrabarus. Tagmec, knight of the Underworld, emerges from the sea to claim the old man, but not before Ruliya promises to rescue the boy and the light. Tagmec informs her she is embarking on a quest of destiny. He grants her Muertogara, magical blade. (Source: Wikipedia)

Creator & Rold Information

Kishiro, Yukito


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