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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Boukyaku no Hate: 16-sai no Jibun e no Tegami

Boukyaku no Hate: 16-sai no Jibun e no Tegami


Horizon of Oblivion: A Letter to the 16-Year Old Me;忘却の涯て 16歳の自分への手紙;Boukyaku no Hate: 16-sai no Jibun e no Tegami


Author:Egawa, Tatsuya

Chapters (Episode):0


Egawa, Tatsuya

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The manga centers on a 16-year old high school student and amateur manga creator named Tatsuya Egawa, who perceives himself as unpopular and hated by the girls in his school. He tries to submit a manga manuscript to Shonen Sunday but is turned down. In despair, he turns to the Internet for advice, finding out that there is a manga creator with whom he shares the exact same name and birthday (the real-life Tatsuya Egawa). From Egawa's manga, the 16-year old Egawa takes away that he must draw from experience, and that he must learn how to draw cute girls. Since he has no experience talking to cute girls, he resolves to get to know one at his school. (Source: ANN)

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Egawa, Tatsuya


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