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Buddy Go!

Buddy Go!


バディゴ!;Buddy Go!


Author:Kurosaki, Minori

Chapters (Episode):0


Kurosaki, Minori

Chapters (Episode)



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The only way Ai Shizukuishi can express herself is through dance. At school, she is shy and reserved; but online, she crossdresses as a popular dancer known as "Ai." She aspires to one day be better than Hayate, a free-spirited dancing sensation. With the rise of her videos' popularity, Ai catches the attention of Hayate, and she is recruited by a professional entertainment agency to form an idol unit called "Buddyz"—with Hayate himself! However, this is specifically a male duo and he is unaware of her true gender. If he were to find out the truth, their group would be forced to disband. To further complicate matters, Hayate has a crush on Ai's female self! As she struggles to keep her gender a secret, Ai strives to break out of her shell through dance and match up to Hayate. All the while, Buddyz fights against fierce competition to be the best idol unit. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Kurosaki, Minori


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