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Delinquent Cinderella

Delinquent Cinderella


불량 신데렐라;Delinquent Cinderella


Author:Hwang, Mi Ri

Chapters (Episode):0


Hwang, Mi Ri

Chapters (Episode)



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Nan Hui was sent off to the city to live with her mother and her nasty grandmother when she was caught smoking at her country school again. There she rescued the drunk and ungrateful, Gong Myeong from the beatings of five boys. Angry that he did not appreciate her help, she stomped on his arm and ran off…not expecting to meet him again. Gong Myeong devised a plan with Nan Hui after being heartbroken over losing a girl he loves to his half-brother, Baek Jae Ha. "We’re not going to really love each other. We’ll be a contract couple to get what we both want." The handsome bad boy Cha Gong Myeong and bad girl Lee Nan Hui are declared a couple of horror! What will happen when Nan Hui’s best friend, who is in love with her, comes to Seoul? Things get even more complicated when Gong Myeong’s half-brother falls for Nan Hui. Can this bad prince give this bad Cinderella her glass slipper? Will love blossom between these two bad personalities?

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Hwang, Mi Ri


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