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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Engage Knight

Engage Knight


エンゲージナイト;Engage Knight


Author:Kosugi, MayuIsaka, Chika

Chapters (Episode):11


Kosugi, MayuIsaka, Chika

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Engage – a covenant pledged between knight and noble This is the tale of individuals tied together by the sacred bonds of Engage Tia is a young girl who hails from the remote regions of the Grunwald Empire. Due to royal decree, she is required to attend a prestigious academy located in the imperial capital. The academy serves not only as a networking spot for the children of aristocracy to meet and rub shoulders, but is also where the paths of nobles and knights cross. Tia herself is on a mission to find a knight with great promise, however, who she stumbles upon instead is the academy’s problem child – Duran. Due to an encounter with Duran, Tia finds she is able to draw out a knight’s potential, normally only done via Engage. As someone who can call forth the powers of Engage without a pledged covenant, Tia finds herself the target of many knights… (Source: Spoils)

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Kosugi, MayuIsaka, Chika


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