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Fairy Idol Kanon

Fairy Idol Kanon


フェアリーアイドルかのん;Fairy Idol Kanon


Author:Hakamada, Mera

Chapters (Episode):0


Hakamada, Mera

Chapters (Episode)



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The Kingdom of Sound lies in a dimension where fairies prosper, relying on music from the human world to fuel their magical energy. Unfortunately, more and more songs by the humans have not been made with pure intentions, causing the fairies to suffer from a lack of pure magical energy. Concerned for her kingdom, the queen asks her daughter to visit the human world and seek individuals with vocal potential who can spread their voices and restore balance to the dimension. The queen's daughter, Princess Alto, manages to find three young school girls who attend Hinoura Elementary School who may be able to help her. These girls are Kanon Kohinata, a cheerful girl who loves to sing and has an exceptionally healing voice; Marika Amano, a prideful girl whose voice is so skillful that it rivals Kanon's; and Kodama Yagi, a careful girl who has a soft voice that synchronizes well with that of her friends. When these girls and the fairy princess meet, a friendship develops and a goal to become an idol group forms. But will these girls be able to achieve fame and save the Kingdom of Sound? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Hakamada, Mera


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