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Half and Half

Half and Half


Half & Half;ハーフ・アンド・ハーフ;Half and Half


Author:Nanami, Mao

Chapters (Episode):9


Nanami, Mao

Chapters (Episode)



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Our heroine is girl named Hina-chan. She is in her 20s. Hina has a handsome boyfriend now, but she will always remember her first love, a boy named Itsuki. When other kids would tease Hina, calling her ugly, Itsuki would defend her, and try to cheer her up and make her feel better. He and some of his family eventually moved away, leaving Hina heartbroken. But the memory of her first love will always make Hina feel nostalgic and happy inside. Itsuki’s grandmother still lives next door to Hina, so she still has a connection to him, somehow. One day, Hina has a dream of Itsuki, and she is feeling especially nostalgic about him. She is just mentioning her dream to his grandmother, when they are interrupted by the arrival of a stranger. It is a tall, beautiful woman. Wait a minute… it’s Itsuki! Itsuki is not joking, either. He claims that he is really a woman on the inside, and now he is dressing that way on the outside. And yes, even though Itsuki now lives as a woman, Hina finds herself falling in love all over again, regardless of how Itsuki dresses. But Itsuki sees herself as a woman, and she only loves men. Will Hina end up heartbroken all over again? (Source: MU)

Creator & Rold Information

Nanami, Mao


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