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Happy Play

Happy Play


ハッピープレイー;Happy Play


Author:Sugai, Aya

Chapters (Episode):9


Sugai, Aya

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Collection of oneshots. 9 in total. Some light S&M, bondage and toy action. 1) Happy Play: In an attempt to tease a classmate he dislikes, Fujihisa made a love confession to Narumi out of the blue. Fujihisa just wanted to see what a panicked expression on the usually cool and calm Narumi looked like. 2) Work the Other Way Around: Student Kazumi is jealous of his older lover Sakae's attention to others. But the school counselor has eyes only for Kazumi, and a gift for hypnotism... 3) Earned Run: School idol Haru is gentle to everyone except his lover, Tomo. Only Tomo knows the cruel, perverted side to Haru, but is that a bad thing? 4) Diary Exchange: Yuuta and Iori are lovers, coworkers and roommates. But naive Yuuta is always being manipulated by the perverted Iori. 5) Daily Jealous Innocents: A college student's obsession with his expressionless classmate leads to S&M. 6) OK! Baby! Hana is an office worker being blackmailed into a sexual relationship by a perverted but childish doctor. 7) Profitable Secret: Seitarou insists on keeping his relationship with Kazuya a secret, but Kazuya is tired of Seitarou's coldness at school. 8)Fake: That's not where your cell phone goes. (from B-U)

Creator & Rold Information

Sugai, Aya


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