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Heaven Above Heaven

Heaven Above Heaven


천외천;Heaven Above Heaven


Author:Hyun, Kang-SukJeon, Joony-Won

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Hyun, Kang-SukJeon, Joony-Won

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Seventeen years ago, nine Grand Masters of the Martial Arts raced to a remote mountaintop, determined to prevent a terrible prophecy. It had been foretold that on this very night, in this inhospitable place, a child would be born. A baby girl, who in time would become the catalyst for an Apocalypse, the likes of which had not been visited upon the earth in a thousand years. In order to avoid this prophecy, the child must be destroyed. But just as the noble warriors were about to fulfill their mission...they hesitated. Now, seventeen years later, a young street fighter arrives in a bustling city. He has a knack for trouble, a lust for the ladies and a wicked fighting technique. When he is caught peeping on the daughter of a local dojo master, a brief scuffle ends with him being taken in as a student by the wise master. All the while, a mysterious "cursed" young boy, who is not what he appears to be, is manipulating events from the shadows. Are his intentions evil? Is he in some way connected to the ancient prophecy? And what part will our young street fighter play in all of these unfolding events? These are the questions that will be answered in this epic tale. (Source: MU)

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Hyun, Kang-SukJeon, Joony-Won


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