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Kaitou Saint Tail

Kaitou Saint Tail


Mysterious Thief Saint Tail;Asagao no Portret;Haru wo Yobu Orgel;16-sai no Tiara;Kujira ga Tonda Hi;Hi~ Fu~ Mi~;Mantasu ni Just Meet;怪盗セイント・テール;Kaitou Saint Tail


Author:Tachikawa, Megumi

Chapters (Episode):33


Tachikawa, Megumi

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



An uncatchable thief is plaguing the city. No one knows her true identity and the police are unable to stop her. She is only known as Saint Tail. At St. Paulia Junior High, a young student named Asuka Jr. makes it his mission to find, stop, and apprehend the elusive Saint Tail. Little does he know that the nocturnal thief is really his friend, Meimi. Aided by a novice nun, Meimi steals to help the needy. Don't miss any of Saint Tail's magical exploits in the tale of this modern day Robin Hood. (Source: TokyoPop) Included one-shots: Volume 1: Asagao no Portret, Haru wo Yobu Orgel Volume 6: 16-sai no Tiara, Kujira ga Tonda Hi Volume 7: Hi~ Fu~ Mi~, Mantasu ni Just Meet

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Tachikawa, Megumi


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