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Kiss Me Doctor!

Kiss Me Doctor!


Kiss Me Dr.;キス・ミーDr.;Kiss Me Doctor!


Author:Kawamaru, Shin

Chapters (Episode):4


Kawamaru, Shin

Chapters (Episode)



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Summary by Divine Sanctuary: Story 1: Hijiri Kaho, a 2nd year high school student who is hopelessly devoted to Tsukishiro-sensei, a doctor at the local hospital. Kaho is pretty transparent in her adoration of the good doctor. See hangs all over him. Tsukishiro-sensei is a cool, stone-faced guy. His personality is very serious. He patiently puts up with Kaho’s antics, but the jealous nurses at the hospital are not as tolerant. Is Kaho just feeling girlish infatuation, or is it true love? And how does the doctor really feel behind his serious mask? Story 2: Oohishi Midori, one very determined and talented girl, wants to become an actress. She knows what she wants, and takes a great approach to get there… Then she meets a cute producer, who is swayed by her determination. He agrees to be her manager, and before either of them realizes it, Midori lands a role in a tv drama starring with a popular and good looking actor. Midori is great at acting, and everyone is impressed with her talent, but when a kiss scene comes up, she gets nervous. Fortunately the producer is willing to help coach her. Is there something more than a boss and worker relationship? Story 3: Miyagawa Yuki who is in love with her teacher, and even manages to give him some Valentine’s Day chocolate to confess her love to him. Unfortunately, she is shot down with the usual "You’re a student and I’m a teacher" excuse. Yuki is determined to get sensei to acknowledge her feelings for him before she graduates. Will she succeed? Story 4: Yuu-chan ends up getting involved with Itou-kun, a guy who helps her out when she is being bullied by some other girls in her class. Yuu-chan thanks Itou-kun with her body. Unfortunately she finds out afterwards that Itou-kun has a girlfriend! How does the story end? (from baka-updates manga)

Creator & Rold Information

Kawamaru, Shin


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