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Koi no Okite

Koi no Okite


A Law of Love;恋愛の掟;Koi no Okite


Author:Toujou, Asami

Chapters (Episode):6


Toujou, Asami

Chapters (Episode)



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Otohiko Seki is a salaryman still grieving his dead wife two years later. Every day, he finishes his work promptly, goes to the supermarket, goes home and prepares his dinner. His life gradually settled back into this steady rhythm, like a heartbeat. But now, someone is about to interrupt that steady rhythm and make his heart beat faster... Kusuo is an uneducated, abandoned teen who sells himself for money. The morning after he does the deed for Seki, the guy denies remembering anything. He was drunk last night, but he apologizes and pays anyway. How dare he apologize! Kusuo is just like every other whore... so why is he treating him like this? He is angry and confused, and leaves with the money. But soon their paths will cross again.Throw in a violent pimp and best friend who secretly loves Seki and things get complicated. How will these two completely different people affect each other's lives? (Source: MU)

Creator & Rold Information

Toujou, Asami


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