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Love Trial

Love Trial


Me and My Beloved Sensei;らぶ・TRIAL;Love Trial


Author:Chitose, Piyoko

Chapters (Episode):8


Chitose, Piyoko

Chapters (Episode)



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Contents: 1. AV Boys College student Kouta needs to make money fast! His family borrowed alot of money and ran off, leaving him with the debt. When his senpai Sonomura gets him a job as a gay AV actor, Kouta decides to only work until his debts are paid. But the money is really good, and working with Sonomura is getting more and more comfortable... 2. My Love Castle Masaomi's father has gone on vacation with his lover and left Masaomi to manage his love hotel, something he has no experience at. With handsome manager Tsushima helping out with his "hands on" approach, things will be fine. Right? 3. I Love You More Than I Can Imagine!! Keizou's family owns a liquor store and one day during a delivery he picks up a beautiful young student. Keizou's never been interested in guys before, but something about the high school boy sparks his imagination and now he can't get him out of his head! Will Keizou get a chance to make his dreams a reality? 4. The One Who Loves You Deeply Sex shop owner Miyatsuki knows there's something familiar about the beautiful young man who comes looking for a job. But the harder he tries to place Jyunta, the more it slips away from him, and each day is one closer to Jyunta taking on customers, an idea which bothers Miyatsuki alot. 5. Me and My Beloved Sensei Nagaoka has his dream job, being an assistant to his favorite mangaka, Chigaya Senri. But Chigaya seems to be a bit of a recluse and unusual - incorporating running and weight lifting into the daily lessons. But who is really doing the teaching? And why does a mangaka own a black bondage suit? 6. The Courage I Get From Loving You? Isawa thought visiting the hot spring would be boring, but beautiful (underage) part-time worker Shitsuki catches his eye, and Isawa finds himself unable to resist the lure of the innocent student. 7. Love Trial Kousuke has spent three years in an unrequited love for his friend Sonokawa Yukihi. Without the courage to confess, Kousuke is afraid that they'll graduate without Yukihi ever knowing his feelings. But a class trip stay with aggressive upperclassmen, revealing clothing, and huddling in small spaces may make it impossible for Kousuke to keep his cool! 8. Love Trial - After That A beautiful sunny day brings out the beast in Kousuke. (Source: MangaUpdates)

Creator & Rold Information

Chitose, Piyoko


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