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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Makai Toshi Hunter Series: Makyuu Babylon

Makai Toshi Hunter Series: Makyuu Babylon


Hunter in the Devil World;Babylon Temple of Doom;[魔界都市ハンター]シリーズ 魔宮バビロン;Makai Toshi Hunter Series: Makyuu Babylon


Author:Kikuchi, HideyukiHosoma, Shin-Ichi

Chapters (Episode):12


Kikuchi, HideyukiHosoma, Shin-Ichi

Chapters (Episode)



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The Lord of Babylon Palace has arrived and he's got his eyes on the beautiful Sayaka! Tough-as-nails high-schooler Kyoya Izayoi, master of the rare martial art of Nenpo, is back wielding the mythical sword Ashura in this classic tale of good versus evil. A floating palace mysteriously appears over Shinjuku Cho Park, sending the Intelligence Agency scrambling for information. No need to infiltrate the palace this time—the Lord of the Palace is throwing a housewarming party! He's invited a who's who of Japan, along with Kyoya and Sayaka and the three mythic Knights of Marduk. Will Kyoya and Dr. Mephisto find out who the Lord of Babylon Palace really is? Why is the Lord of Babylon after Sayaka? Can Kyoya get to her before it is too late? Kyoya may have finally met his match! (Source: ADV)

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Kikuchi, HideyukiHosoma, Shin-Ichi


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