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Mitsu-aji Blood: Tale 0

Mitsu-aji Blood: Tale 0


Honey Flavored Blood;Himegimi ni Koi no Hanataba wo;Hatsukoi;Yoru ni Tokeru;Hatsu Koi;Yoru ni Tokeru;蜜味ブラッド Tale 0;Mitsu-aji Blood: Tale 0


Author:Mitsuki, Miko

Chapters (Episode):5


Mitsuki, Miko

Chapters (Episode)



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Hinata Sorazono likes to read love stories, so she is elated when famed vampire romance novelist Junya Tokinaga moves in next door. Hinata begins spending all her free time with Junya and soon becomes romantically entangled with him, but she notices that he won't kiss her. However, one day Hinata sees something shocking: Junya drinking the blood of his assistant. She discovers that Junya is a vampire and that his novels are more fact than fiction. In the ensuing confusion, Junya kisses Hinata. And according to his novels, if a vampire kisses the one he loves, he can only drink their blood for the rest of his life. Mitsu-aji Blood: Tale 0 follows Hinata and Junya's new, unconventional relationship. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Included one-shots: Himegimi ni Koi no Hanataba wo, Hatsukoi, Yoru ni Tokeru

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Mitsuki, Miko


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