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Princess Recipe

Princess Recipe


Angel Falling;The Light of the Moon;the Shimmer of Love;A Program that Loves;A Love Fragrant with Kisses;Ohimesama no Recipe;お姫様のレシピ;Princess Recipe


Author:Takamiya, Satoru

Chapters (Episode):5


Takamiya, Satoru

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A collection of one-shots Princess Recipe Makoto lived alone until two strange boys from the world of games appear before her! One is a knight, and the other is a wizard. And just like in the game, Makoto becomes the "princess"! In order to save Princess Makoto from the wicked wizard, the knight, Nanase, begins living with her. Angel Falling This is a secret: Heaven is a company, and angels are its employees! Hashiba is just a beginning angel in the death department, so she spends most of her time on earth. She's very excited when she receives her first assignment until it turns out that the soul she's supposed to take to heaven is that of Toujou-kun, a human boy who's always been nice to her. She doesn't want him to die. Is this the beginning of falling angel? The Light of the Moon, the Shimmer of Love A tremdendous force pulls moon fairy Kouya down to earth, but when she finds the boy responsible, he claims he did nothing to draw her to him and tells her to go home. But Kouya is literally stuck to Takimoto Sui and can't go home as long as he has a wish to see something that remains ungranted. What is the wish that lonely Sui is keeping locked inside that was so powerful it reached as far as the moon? A Program that Loves Year 2487, Kirika is 16 years old and it's high time she got married. Not exactly enamored with the idea, she runs away from her wealthy home only to land herself in bigger trouble with a group of hoodlums! And the only one who can save her is Konoe, a mercenary with a sci-fi secret, who'll only help Kirika for money! (So it's a good thing Kirika has some.) A Love Fragrant with Kisses Hikari wants to know all there is to know about kissing, and she wants her teacher to teach her! She has a million different wishes, so it's a lucky thing that she stumbles upon a magic lamp!! But what's wrong with the genie Izumi? He's so unenthusiastic, and kind of a jerk. He tricks her out of her wishes until she's down to just one. What will it be? (Source: Shoujomagic)

Creator & Rold Information

Takamiya, Satoru


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