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Princess Shoukougun

Princess Shoukougun


The Phenomenon of The Falling Flowery Objects;Moonlight Serenade;プリンセス症候群;Princess Shoukougun


Author:Yamaguchi, Miyuki

Chapters (Episode):5


Yamaguchi, Miyuki

Chapters (Episode)



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A cute collection of short stories about friendship and magical adventures. (Source: Wingtip Cafe) Story 1: The Dream of the Fairy Tales Forest Mr. Linus is a writer whose books aren't selling well at all. One night, as he contemplates suicide, some little dwarves come to him and beg his help, taking him to a world where the story of Snow White really exists! Story 2: Princess Syndrome (sequel to Story 1) The 7 dwarves bring Mr. Linus back to the world of Snow White and her husband begs Mr. Linus for help-- Snow White has run away and left him to take care of their baby alone! Story 3: Lie * Lie Little Island (sequel to Story 2) Mr. Linus's son, Lee, goes to the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and has an adventure with Snow White's Daughter, Little. Story 4: Moonlight Serenade Paul, a young orphan, and Gramps, his elderly friend, read a story called "Moonlight Serenade" about the magic which allows someone to make 4 wishes on the night of the full moon. Gramps is inspired to wish for his youth back, so he can search for his long-lost love Mary. And so a youthful Gramps and Paul set out that night to look for Mary, and have one of the most wonderful nights of their lives. Story 5: The Phenomenon of the Falling Flowery Objects Akemi, a student, spent all her money in a shopping spree and couldn't afford to go on a trip with her school. One night, she finds a blonde young man unconcious outside the window. She brings him inside, but he refuses to tell her his name, where he is from-- only that he is looking for a certain someone. Having nothing better to do, Akemi decides to help him. Who is Mr. X looking for? And who is he? And why are the sakura blooming in the middle of winter? (source: crazyanimeaddict)

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Yamaguchi, Miyuki


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