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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Sekai wa Bokura no Tame ni!

Sekai wa Bokura no Tame ni!


The World is Just for Us!;The World is Ours;Sekai wa Bokura no Tameni!;Koi ni Shizumu Tochuu;Currently Indulging In Love;Uchi ni Oide yo!;Come Over To My House;Kuchibiru de Uso ni Saware;Touching Lies With Lips;Koyoi Anata wo Nemurasenai;世界はボクらのために!;Sekai wa Bokura no Tame ni!


Author:Enjouji, Maki

Chapters (Episode):11


Enjouji, Maki

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Ogawa Maho is a young, fresh teacher who just arrived in Tokyo to take on a new teaching position at a high school there. Things don’t go as she planned, however, when she breaks up with her boyfriend whom she had been dating for 6 years. Distraught over her breakup, Maho has a one-night stand with a guy she meets on the street. The encounter was memorable and manages to cheer Maho up enough that she can face her new job and move on with her life. Of course she is shocked when she discovers that the random guy she spent the night with happens to be one of the students in her new class! (Source: shoujo-manga) Included one-shots: Volume 1: Koi ni Shizumu Tochuu, Uchi ni Oide yo! Christmas SPECIAL Volume 2: Kuchibiru de Uso ni Saware, Koyoi Anata wo Nemurasenai

Creator & Rold Information

Enjouji, Maki


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