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Senpai, Oshiete Kudasai

Senpai, Oshiete Kudasai


先パイ、教えてください;Senpai, Oshiete Kudasai


Author:Sakurazawa, Kiyu

Chapters (Episode):9


Sakurazawa, Kiyu

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Shirayuki, Alice goes to a high school that teaches one how to become a princess. Once you learn how to act like a lady you can be the next Briar Rose, alongside your prince entitled Royal road. When Alice was a little girl, she made a promise with a boy who told her he would become her prince and lead her to become a princess. However, she's forgotten his name and what he looks like, but she won't give up until she finds her prince and becomes the next Briar Rose! At the school she meets two upperclassmen—one, a seemingly nice Prince named Subaru and the other a more aloof Prince named Kyouya. Both end up being Alice's pair in trying to teach her how to be the next Briar Rose but jealousy and evil plots begin to fall upon Alice in her journey. Who can she trust when things don't appear as they seem!? (Source: LuffyNoTomo)

Creator & Rold Information

Sakurazawa, Kiyu


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