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Sex to Kiss to Setsunasa no Aida

Sex to Kiss to Setsunasa no Aida


Love You Madly;SEXとキスと切なさの間;Sex to Kiss to Setsunasa no Aida


Author:Osakabe, Mashin

Chapters (Episode):6


Osakabe, Mashin

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Contains five oneshots which involve love blooming from physical attraction. 1) Love You Madly : One day, Ami suddenly got her feelings acknowledged by Kawano. Originally a guy beyond her reach, their bodies touched, Ami felt like she was in a dream. But, she found that this is a dream without love declarations, without kisses, and only comprising of sex. Ami was thrown into confusion... and what are Kawano's real intentions...? 2) Butterfly's Bed: A schoolgirl's parents die, and she goes to live with her handsome young uncle she has never met. He is very cold and distant to her, but as they grow more comfortable with each other, she discovers a dangerous side to him. 3) The Rose Lock: A spoiled young rich girl has a bodyguard her own age. She orders him around, but she can only push him so far before she finds out who's really in charge. 4) Passion's Prison: Yurino's arranged marriage is to a Rei, a nice older man, but she's secretly in love with his wicked younger brother, Kai. And Kai's not about to let her go. 5) Balance of Love. She's always been too tall, and too nice, unlike her pretty older sister. Now she has a crush on the only guy taller than her. Can she trust that he's not just using her? And an omake: The Rose Lock extra. From Manga Updates

Creator & Rold Information

Osakabe, Mashin


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