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Shin Yami no Koe - Kaidan

Shin Yami no Koe - Kaidan


New Voices in the Dark (Ghost Stories);新闇の声;Shin Yami no Koe - Kaidan


Author:Ito, Junji

Chapters (Episode):7


Ito, Junji

Chapters (Episode)



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Souichi Zensen For 10 years, a woman named Michina Hirose has been looking for any shred of evidence that could lead her to the missing Tsujii family. While in a certain town, she sees children acting strangely, spitting nails at others, and trying to curse people, just like the youngest Tsujii son—Souichi—used to do. Learning that the children only started behaving that way after visiting a local haunted house, she decides to investigate further, but ends up with far more than she bargained for. Souichi no Aigan Doubutsu A stray cat decides to follow Sayuri Tsujii home one day, and everyone in the house gets attached to her, deciding to name her Collon. But after Collon has a run-in with Sayuri's youngest brother—the gloomy, curse-happy Souichi—she begins to act strangely. Is this the result of a curse, or something else? Awase Kagamidani nite Okamura and his group of friends decide to explore an abandoned village, but they find something strange: mirror shards lying in the streets. What's more, there are broken mirrors both big and small all throughout the town. They conduct an experiment to find out the truth of the village, but the answer may be stranger than the mirror shards themselves. Yuurei ni Naritakunai Many urban legends exist about people encountering ghosts while driving home at night. So when Shigeru happens upon a mute woman covered in blood and takes her to a hospital, he assumes that she will disappear at some point. However, she doesn't, and when he sees this woman—Misaki—again, she explains that she was filming a movie and got left behind, and was just too scared to speak. Afterward, Shigeru and Misaki begin an affair, but she tells him that she can see guardian spirits protecting him. This seemingly innocent statement will change Shigeru's life and the lives of his family forever. Zousho Genei Koko Shirasaki lives in a large mansion with her husband Goro. Inside these walls rests Goro's most prized possession: his extensive library, which fills every room. But Goro is abnormally obsessed with his library, and Koko can't fathom why. But soon, his behavior gets worse. [b]Yami no Zesshou[b] There are songs that stick with us long after we've heard them; the song Tamayo hears while passing a street musician is one of those. However, even with a doctor's visit and medication, the song won't leave her. Seeking resolution, she tracks down the musician, Yu Kanade, and discovers that this "brain noise" is contagious, with Yu's entire audience falling prey to it. But why is Yu's song stuck in everyone's head? Kaidan Ogi got lost while traveling in South America, but was saved by a kind tribe of people who sent him home with a pot of delicious nectar from a plant their religion is focused around. At home, he offers some to his friend Sugio, but warns him that he must not be noticed while eating it. Sugio loves the nectar, and finds that regular food just can't compare, so he and some of Ogi's other friends sneak in to eat it. However, they are met with a grisly sight, which is only just the beginning of the strange events that will befall them. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Creator & Rold Information

Ito, Junji


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