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Shite Wagamama H

Shite Wagamama H


Mistress Princess;Egoism of Passion;Kakene Nashi no Love Torihiki;Very Sweetly Cut Heart;Made Up Myth - Second Rape;Jyuu Yoku Egoism;して わがままH;Shite Wagamama H


Author:Yuuhi, RyuuMinami, KananToda, MegumiHoshino, MasamiToriyama, MikiAtsuta, Kotobuki

Chapters (Episode):5


Yuuhi, RyuuMinami, KananToda, MegumiHoshino, MasamiToriyama, MikiAtsuta, Kotobuki

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A compilation of one-shots by various authors: 1) Mistress Princess (Shiiku Hime) by MINAMI Kanan. Takanezawa Hime is a girl from a wealthy family. She has bullied Asakawa Nachi from the time they were small. Hime wants Nachi to follow her guidance and so become her ideal pet. And that's why Nachi always obeys Hime's commands. 2) Egoism of Passion (Jyuu Yoku Egoism) by YUUHI Ryuu. Suzu is dating the student council President Hagane. She's always touching him, but since their first time Hagane hasn't tried to hold her. What can she do to spark his interest again? 3) Don't Tell Me You Love Me or Something (Aisanai Nante Iwasenai) by IBUKI Kaede. 4) One Night Lover by HOSHINO Masami. 5) Breedable Material (Hatsujou Materiaru) by ATSUTA Kotobuki. 6) Passion!! (Renai'tsu!!) by TODA Megumi. 7) I Want to be Disheveled in a White Gown (Hakui Ni Midaretai) by AYUKAWA Mio. 8) Vampire Pie♥ (Bampaia Pai♥) by TORIYAMA Miki (Source: Baka-Updates)


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