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Shounen Shoujo

Shounen Shoujo


Shonen Shojo;少年少女;Shounen Shoujo


Author:Fukushima, Satoshi

Chapters (Episode):28


Fukushima, Satoshi

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Shonen Shojo is an assamblage of Satoshi Fukushima's short stories. The only thing the 28 chapters really have in common is that they revolve around the relation between male and female, mainly boys and girls. Each story experimates with completely new topics. There may be young musicians, football playing girls, aliens, popstars, samurai, yakuza, seniors or even caries bacteria. Anyhow some of the stories are continued. What one could call the main story (because there is one episode in each volume) is telling of the girl Yoshiko who has pushed her friend into a deep fountain. Unfortunately this boy dies in this accident and Yoshiko now feels guilty towards the boy's younger brother Goro. In some time steps the reader is following their uncertain relationship. Despite the name, Shonen Shojo is not a book for children. Often the stories end abruptly and leave a lot of space for interpretations.

Creator & Rold Information

Nemu, Youko


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