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Snow in the Dark

Snow in the Dark


MP0;She: Tanki;Monkey;Snow in the Dark;Kirino Sako to Nakamatachi;Snow in the Dark -叶 恭弘短編集Ⅲ-


Author:Kano, Yasuhiro

Chapters (Episode):5


Kano, Yasuhiro

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Collection of 4 one-shots. 1. MP0 An early version of Mx0. The names are different and there are differences, but the contents are the same. 2. She: Tanki Focuses on a boy who goes towards a deserted island to find his father. Here he finds out a girl with super strength and hugs him. Later it seems she is monkey, which has the same genes as human, therefore she is almost human. 3. Snow in the Dark Dark version of snow white. Larry is a child who lives in a land of sorrow and disease. Until one day he is rescued by Princess Snow White. He is now a member of her royal guard and has taken it upon his life to protect her. 4. Kirino Sako to Nakamatachi (story: Nikohara Daisuke)

Creator & Rold Information

Kano, Yasuhiro


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