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Stand By Me

Stand By Me


スタンド・バイ・ミー;Stand By Me


Author:Shiina, Karuho

Chapters (Episode):4


Shiina, Karuho

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A collection of 4 one-shots by author Shiina Karuho. Stand By Me: Asuka just got dumped by her boyfriend. As she nurses her broken heart, rowdy, but popular classmate Kobe tells her sadly that he just got dumped, too... Boku ni Yasashiku: Suzu meets Futoshi on the street and is sketched out, but it turns out that he was just trying to find the apt. building that her parents' are renting out. Even more surprisingly, he is moving to take the post of temporary art teacher at her high school... Switch ON!: Inukai likes Nekotsuki even though everyone tells her that Nekotsuki is a dangerous guy. But is there something to all of these rumors? Orion Teikuu: Yuusuke is in love with a girl that walks by where he works everyday. Struck by his determination, Maria decides to offer her help...

Creator & Rold Information

Ooya, Kazumi Hatta, Shuuji


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