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Strawberry Chocolate

Strawberry Chocolate


ストロベリーチョコレート;Strawberry Chocolate


Author:Sasada, Asuka

Chapters (Episode):5


Sasada, Asuka

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



This volume contains a short work and two one-shots by mangaka Sasada Asuka. Strawberry Chocolate: Yuasa Megumu is a 15 year-old model/talent who is about to start filming her first drama with a cast of very famous people, including the popular Tomochika Sorai. After her first day on the set, Tomochika seeks her out, but coldly tells her not to come to work unless she is willing to try harder. Angry, she loses her temper and accidentally lets him in on one of her big secrets. What will happen to these two colleagues?? Kimi ni Ichiban no Egao wo Okurou: Hirata Sanako is a flute player in her school's band. When she was young, she learned to smile through her family's problems and now is in the habit of appearing happy under almost any circumstance. When she gets to know her photographer classmate Nakai-kun, however, things gradually begin to change... Mirai wo Tsukamou: Tooru likes going to an old-fashioned movie theater in his neighborhood, partly b/c of its atmosphere, but also b/c he can see his friend Misato there. One day, they both learn that the theater must close now due to financial troubles. What will happen to the two of them??

Creator & Rold Information

Sasada, Asuka


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