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Tsumetai Kemono ni Kawarete

Tsumetai Kemono ni Kawarete


Tsumetai Kemono ni Kawarete


Author:Narumi, Yutta

Chapters (Episode):6


Narumi, Yutta

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



1-2. Be Kept/Played by Cold Beast His family's company is on the verge of a merger with the Nikaidou Group, and Haruka, the youngest son of Fujiwara Trading, is sent to the president of the Nikaidou Group, Tamaki. Treated as a tool by his father, and a pet by Tamaki, will Haruka choose duty or desire? 3. Be My Slave Narimiya is in love with Sakurai Sensei, but even though they've been intimate, Sensei won't let him go all the way. Narimiya is determined to show Sensei he can be a dependable guy. 4. The Sweet Control When artist Yuu is "bought" by businessman Kagari Ouya he gets a place to live, beautiful things, and the kind of life he's never had before. But the one thing Yuu really wants is to own Ouya exclusively... 5. Love Label A Company heir and uke Kagami Hinata is unlucky in love. After his latest love affair ends badly, he begins using his cold-eyed secretary and childhood friend Tonami for comfort. But Tonami isn't protesting... 6. In the Form of an Egg High school student Hina is in love with his cousin and roommate Shou. But Shou is a musician and playboy, so there's no shortage of women. Will Hina ever be able to express himself? (Source: MU)

Creator & Rold Information

Narumi, Yutta


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