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Utopia of Homosexuality

Utopia of Homosexuality


Dongsong esanghyang;동성이상향;Utopia of Homosexuality


Author:Lee, Sang-Eun

Chapters (Episode):22


Lee, Sang-Eun

Chapters (Episode)



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At first, one of the main characters thinks back to childhood in which the person and another promised to marry. The story then starts from there 10 years later. Jung Suk Ha and her male best friend she met on the internet, Park Bong Bin aren't exactly entering their new high school together as "normal" students. Suk Ha's first love was a girl, while Bong Bin's first love was a guy, and they are both homosexual, in which the chatroom they first met at was called "Same Gender Paradise" (the word for same gender, "dohngsung," can also literally mean homosexual). Before school starts, Bong Bin and Suk Ha sneak into the school office and change his school name to Hyobin Park (the reason is that the name Bong Bin can usually be twisted into "bongpahl," an insult/joke sort of name). While Suk Ha has her sights on the rigid and somewhat psycho, yet extremely beautiful Dani Un, Bong Bin finds himself getting along well with a guy, that was spying on Dani, named Oojean Dong; and they both call each other Jean and Bin for short. As Sukha tries to figure out and get close to Dani, she discovers a guy that seems to always be around her, named Jeesup Kim. Later on, the story gets complicated, as people from Sukha and Bin's past appear and a twisted love story of Dani unravels. (Source:

Creator & Rold Information

Lee, Sang-Eun


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