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Utopia's Avenger

Utopia's Avenger


Kil-Dong;Mu Rim Joen Sa Lok;Record of the Warrior;홍길동 무림전사록;Utopia's Avenger


Author:Oh, Se Kwon

Chapters (Episode):0


Oh, Se Kwon

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After establishing an idealized utopian country, the legendary warrior, Hong Gil-Dong, disappeared without a trace. As time passed, the people of the land began to forget about Hong Gil-Dong, who had been enjoying a peaceful existence of anonymity in a small village. Until one day, when a band of unknown warriors invaded the village, leaving it in utter ruin. Now, Hong Gil-Dong has returned, determined to raise his village from the ashes-but in order to accomplish this he will need funds. And so he finds employment as a bounty hunter, capturing wanted criminals. Then, in a twist of fate, Hong Gil-Dong inadvertently rescues the daughter of a wealthy merchant from a kidnapping attempt. Consequently, he is hired on as her bodyguard, and charged with delivering the girl safely to her father. But evil forces lurk in the shadows, observing the hero's every move-waiting for the opportunity to strike. (Source: TokyoPop)

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Oh, Se Kwon


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