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White Garden

White Garden


White Garden


Author:Kong yuu, Nan

Chapters (Episode):1


Kong yuu, Nan

Chapters (Episode)



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The advancement of technology allow humans to develop animals into a creatures which pertain animal characteristics but possess human appearance. The main character of this manga, Zhan, is one such dog. White Garden follows the life of Zhan who was neglected by his first master, a grieving young man who treated him as a replacement to his dead beloved, when he was young. He later found friendship in his second master (a young boy), only to lose it due to a tragic accident. The tragedy of losing masters causes him to lose his voice and grow distant. As he's older, his kindness won him the compassion of an old woman who later became his friend and his third master, but those happy days did not last. Ultimately, he found true love and happiness in his fourth and final master, a young girl with a short lifespan. The manga contains 2 one-shots entitled 'Natural Selection' and 'Silver Snow'.

Creator & Rold Information

Kong yuu, Nan


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