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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Ya San

Ya San


伢三;Ya San


Author:Wang, BangHuang, Jia Wei

Chapters (Episode):0


Wang, BangHuang, Jia Wei

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An old folk legend tells that hideous beings are born out of the union between a woman and a ghost, and are forced into a sad fate of solitude. In the present, on the shores of China, lies a remote village in extreme poverty where a mysterious young man named Ya San lives. Found abandoned on a beach twenty years ago, he lives just like the rest of the population in fear of a strange disease that makes you avoid the light. Murders, suspicious deaths, incurable diseases and mysterious disappearances. The village has resigned itself to its cursed fate. Ya San wants to make an end to this when his young friend Xiao Hua mysteriously drowns in the canal... He embarks on a risky investigation to the only factory in the area - deep in the heart of the Forbidden Zone - where he discovers the unspeakable. "Ya San" is a story that combines old Chinese legends and folktales, the environment, fantasy and science-fiction into one. "Ya San" ventures deep into the human soul. (Source: Gantz_Waitingroom)

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Wang, BangHuang, Jia Wei


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