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Yagate, Ai ni Naru

Yagate, Ai ni Naru


Here Comes the Blues;Yagate;Ao ni Naru;Daishou;Oyogu;Oboreru;Oyogu;Shinshin to Yuki no Furu;やがて、藍になる;Yagate, Ai ni Naru


Author:est em

Chapters (Episode):8


est em

Chapters (Episode)



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When they were children, being brothers was enough reason for Taisei and Kouta to live together. However, since they've grown up, Taisei has become aware that his feelings for his little brother Kouta go beyond brotherly love. He can't take these feeling anymore and leaves home. Several years later, when he returns home suddenly, Taisei asks Kouta earnestly, "Teach me the family business!" And so the next chapter of life together begins. The little brother tries to pretend he doesn't know how his older brother feels, while the older brother wants to make his younger brother acknowledge his feelings. With their dyers' studio as the setting, est em creates a Japanese-style BL based on the feelings of these step-brothers!! (Source: Nakama) Included one-shots: Oyogu, Oboreru, Oyogu; Shinshin to Yuki no Furu

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est em


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