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Yoshihara Yuki - The Best Selection

Yoshihara Yuki - The Best Selection


吉原由起The Best Selection;Yoshihara Yuki - The Best Selection


Author:Yoshihara, Yuki

Chapters (Episode):5


Yoshihara, Yuki

Chapters (Episode)



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• Sekai wa Futari de Dekite Iru Youko is a succubus from hell and her rocket lands on the earth to feed off man's efforts. But one day, she met an ultra-refined priest and... (Also included in Ningyo Ouji) • Ningyo Ouji Minako a hardworking office lady encountered a merman in the pond and was entranced by the beauty of his youth. (Also included in Ningyo Ouji) • Oboretai Office lady Mayumi passionately loves... her supervisor's work ethic? Her friends think it's weird that Mayumi isn't physically attracted to Kuroiwa, but she's just never thought of him that way... until now that it's been mentioned. One night after that, the two of them are working overtime alone when Kuroiwa accidentally falls asleep, and Mayumi decides to take off his shirt... and then his pants! And the only reason she stops there is because Kuroiwa wakes up! Mayumi's never had the hots like this before! What's an inexperienced girl to do? (Also included in Oboretai) • He's 100% SILK The woman president of a women's apparel maker is Yumiko's mother and as a conspiracy sets up Yumiko to a blind date with a man Yumiko thought she met by chance? (Also included in Oboretai) • Chanel of Whispers Miki and Jinnai have been going out for 6 months. But because of the unfriendly attitude, Jinnai always felt a distance...!? (from M-U)

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Yoshihara, Yuki


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