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Chotto ya Sotto ja Tomaranai

Chotto ya Sotto ja Tomaranai

Comedy Yaoi

Collection of oneshots. 1) Chotto ya Sotto ja Tomaranai (Out of Control) is about a straight boy who is, through a series of unfortunate accidents, overwhelmed by two ultra-semes. 2) Aishite Okure yo (Defeated in Love) is the ultimate of love-triangle stories. Shouta is in love with his best friend, who is oblivious and in love with his older brother. Rejected and alone, Shouta realizes that his brother's best friend has been in love with him for some time. 3) Ishou ni Hajimeyou (Let's Begin Together) is about a boy who has depended on his best friend for everything, but the best friend long ago fell in love with him. 4) Nakaseru ze (Make You Cry) is about a young P.E. teacher and his student/step-brother. The step-brother moves in one day, claiming the newlyweds are making him nauseous. 5) Koi ni Kitai suru mono wa (The Things We Do For Love), Tetsuji and Riku are finally together, but trouble has overtaken them. Riku's father has caught on and forbidden the relationship, so Riku gets his excitable friend Joutarou to help him face off against his father. In the end, Joutarou is the go-between for father and son, and finds himself feeling more and more sympathy for the lonely man. Is it unrequited love? 6) Tsukamae ni Kite (Come to Catch You) is a bit different from most of Uchida's stories. They two characters are already dating when the story starts, and there is almost no sex! Kanno is a huge guy, and worries about what his littler lover, Shinkai, sees in him. 7) Subararashiki Meiro (Magnificent Labyrinth) talented Tamaki quit the soccer team and joined the tennis club in order to be with the boy he likes, Iwama. But Iwama wants nothing to do with him...UCHIDA Kaoru (Source: Manga Updates)

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