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Boku no Goshujinsama

Boku no Goshujinsama


My Dear Master;The Age that is in Love;How to Train a Cat;The Young Master and Punishment;Together with a Wolf;Ballad of Spring Love;Gentle Palms;The Garden Where an Angel Lives;僕のご主人さま;Boku no Goshujinsama


Author:Ooki, Bonta

Chapters (Episode):8


Ooki, Bonta

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



1. The Age That Is in Love A story about a student with a thing for the school nurse. 2. How to Train a Cat A story about a man who catches a cat stealing from his house and gives him some special training. 3. The Young Master and Punishment A story about an unruly young master who hates peppers and the butler who punishes him sexually until he agrees to behave. 4. Together with a Wolf A story about a sheep and wolf who find friendship and explore the other meaning of what it is to "eat" someone... 5. Ballad of Spring Love A short story about a youth's reflections on his break up with his teacher on the day of graduation. 6. My Dear Master A short story about a man who finds a creature called a homunculus abandoned in the rain and takes him home with him. 7. Gentle Palms A story about a homunculus and his kind master. 8. The Garden Where an Angel Lives The story about an aging, weak homunculus who loves his master dearly, and the poor struggling master who knows he is incapable of saving his angel. (Source: Psycho Pandas)

Creator & Rold Information

Ooki, Bonta


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