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Fumetsu No Hana

Fumetsu No Hana


Where Have All the Flowers Gone;For Those Nights You Can't Sleep;I'm Not Fit to be a Detective II;Present;不滅の花;Fumetsu No Hana


Author:Kamei, Takahide

Chapters (Episode):4


Kamei, Takahide

Chapters (Episode)



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1. Fumetsu no Hana Moriki Naoya is a thoughtful, frail child who can't bring himself to leave his neglectful family behind. One summer during his last year of high school, he meets Takahashi, a boy whose injury has cost him the ability to pursue his dream of being a baseball player, and Noriko, a fiercely independent, perpetually upbeat tomboy with a devil-may-care attitude. As the season moves on, Naoya must either move with it or let the world pass him by... 2. For Those Nights You Can't Sleep A young man who was brought up by his aunt due to his mother's poor health following her husband's abandonment, returns to his home town for the seventh anniversary of his mother's death. 3. I'm Not Fit to be a Detective II A continuation of "I'm Not Fit to be a Detective", chapter 2 of Tsuki no Sabaku. 4. Present A man whose eyes are always cast towards the ground... (Source: MU)

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Kamei, Takahide


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